Case Resources

I. Application

The 2019 ABDSM Certification Exam Application will be available beginning October 1, 2018.  Please visit the Application page for more information.

II. Application Organization

The links below contain outlines in which all applicants must follow when organizing their applications. Those who apply for the 2018 exam will be required to submit case documentation in a digital format on a USB flash drive mailed to the ABDSM via traceable carrier. All applicants are encouraged to use the divider pages via the link below to separate each section of the application.

Application Outline (2017 Applicants)
Application Outline (2018 Applicants)
Application Outline (2019 Applicants)

Divider Pages for Case Study Documentation
Business Associate Agreement

III. Templates

Below is a list of templates that applicants are required to use.
Detailed Cases Summary Template

Spreadsheet Cases Summary Template

Observation Hours Template

OSA Management with Oral Appliance Therapy Template 

MD Verification for Follow-up HSAT 

IV. Spreadsheet Case Example

Applicants must submit 5 spreadsheet cases.  Below is an example of the supporting documentation required for each spreadsheet case as outlined in the certification guidelines.

Examples of Sleep Studies
  • Pre-treatment Sleep Study
  • Post-treatment Sleep Study
OSA Management with Oral Appliance Therapy

Reminder:  Each document must be clearly labeled with the case number and brief description at the top of each of the first pages (for example: case #1 pre-treatment PSG or HSAT, case #1 post-treatment PSG or HSAT, etc.). Additionally, the AHI, RDI or REI and lowest oxygen saturation levels or Osaturation time below 90% must be circled on both the summary and data pages on each sleep study report so they can quickly and easily be identified.

V. Detailed Case Example

Applicants must also submit 5 detailed cases. Below is an example of one detailed case.  To protect the identities of the applicant, treating physician, patient and sleep center, all contact information has been redacted from view in order to be used as an example.  When submitting case studies, however, please make sure that the only information that is redacted pertains to patients. 

Example of Patient Synopsis
Example of Follow-up Documentation

Here are additional resources to document follow up in a SOAP note format:
          University of Kansas 
          American Association of Sleep Technologists
OSA Management with Oral Appliance Therapy

Example of Sleep Studies
  • Pre-treatment Sleep Study
  • Post-treatment Sleep Study
Examples of Radiographs and Photographs
  • Radiograph
  • Clinical Patient Photos
  • Study Models