Becoming a Diplomate FAQS

When is the ABDSM exam offered?The exam is held once per year. The next testing window is June 12-26, 2022.
Am I eligible to sit for the exam?In order to be eligible, candidates must be licensed dentists who have met all of the prerequisites described in the ABDSM guidelines. This includes a dental degree (DDS, DMD, or similar), dental license (unrestricted or full-time faculty), and CE. 
How do I prepare for the exam?The ABDSM provides an exam blueprint and recommended reading list. Some candidates also choose to take board review courses; however, these are not required to sit for the exam.
What if I do not achieve a passing exam score?You may be eligible for reapplication. Learn more about reapplication policies here.
Do I need to submit case studies?New applicants qualify to sit for the examination by completing the AADSM Mastery Program, a standardized comprehensive educational program in dental sleep medicine. Applicants who qualify through this Mastery Track are not required to submit case studies to the ABDSM.
Prior Traditional Track Applicant: What if I do not have enough cases to submit by my case deadline?  Contact the national office at to discuss your options.
As a Mastery Program graduate, how long is my eligibility effective to apply for the ABDSM exam?Mastery Program graduates are allotted three (3) years to register and sit for the ABDSM exam without an additional CE requirement. 
If I take the Tufts' AADSM-Accredited Mastery Program, will I be eligible to sit for the ABDSM exam?Yes, provided that you complete the program prior to the exam (dates specified in the ABDSM guidelines). You are responsible for communicating with the ABDSM about any need to cancel or reschedule your application for the ABDSM exam.
If I take the AADSM Mastery Program, will I be a Diplomate of the ABDSM?No. Completing the program does not automatically confer Diplomate certification. You must apply for and successfully pass the ABDSM exam to be recognized as a Diplomate of the ABDSM.
Is taking the AADSM Mastery Program the only way to qualify for the ABDSM exam?Yes. Beginning with the 2022 examination, the ABDSM accepts only candidates who have completed the AADSM Mastery Program or a version of the program offered by a dental school accredited as an AADSM Mastery Program provider.