Preparing for the 2022 Exam

About the ABDSM Exam 

The ABDSM is proud to offer study aids for all exam applicants, such as the Test Blueprint, Nomenclature for Device Characterizations, and Recommended Reading List below. Other ways to prepare for the exam include:
  • Taking the AADSM Board Review Course.
  • Reviewing the AADSM Standards of Practice.
  • If you are a Mastery Applicant, reviewing your course materials from your program.

Exam Content Areas

Applicants are encouraged to use the ABDSM Test Blueprint when studying for the exam. The blueprint describes the content areas covered in the exam along with the approximate percentage of questions in each area.
Download 2022 Test Blueprint


The ABDSM uses an approach to nomenclature that uses categories, rather than product or brand names, to describe oral appliances

Nomenclature for Device Characterizations 

Recommended Reading List

The recommended reading list contains the most recent and relevant articles to help you to prepare for the ABDSM examination. Links to the full articles have been added to the list to make them easily accessible. The recommended reading list is presented with the understanding that no reading list can span the entire range of topics covered by the ABDSM exam.  While many exam questions are based on these readings, many are developed from other materials with similar content.

Download the 2022 ABDSM Reading List