Letters of Recommendation

 Applicants must submit 2 letters of recommendation signed and dated within two (2) years of the application deadline, using the provided template. The physicians who sign the letters must be board-certified in sleep medicine and must be someone you have worked with. The letters must describe the nature of your working relationship and must include a clear recommendation for the applicant to sit for the ABDSM examination.

Download Letter of Recommendation Template

Canadian and International Application Provisions
Applicants who do not practice in the United States may submit CE credits that are not ADA CERP recognized or AGD PACE approved; however, the CE credits do need to meet all other ABDSM requirements.  The ABDSM will accept letters of recommendation and sleep observation documentation that are signed by either a physician who is board-certified in sleep medicine OR experienced in sleep medicine. If an applicant submits letters of recommendation or sleep observation documentation signed by a physician who is not board-certified in sleep medicine, the physician’s credentials must be documented in order to confirm the experience in sleep medicine.