I. Important Deadlines

Deadlines for Traditional and Mastery Tracks
Application submission window    October 1-31, 2018
Notification of application acceptance January 11, 2019
Deadline for withdrawal and $395 refund January 25, 2019
Examination window May 5-19, 2019
Notification of examination results July 12, 2019

Deadline for Mastery Track Only
Deadline to complete Mastery III April 30, 2019

Deadlines for Traditional Track Only
Deadline for submitting remaining CE documentation April 5, 2019
Deadline to postmark cases for those who pass the exam April 30, 2020
Notification of acceptance for cases* August 31, 2020
*The ABDSM Board of Directors reviews cases as they are received and in the order in which they are received. Submitting cases in advance of the deadline is highly recommended to avoid any delays.

II. Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) Cases
Applicants must prepare their cases in an organized manner. Documents must be legible, oriented appropriately, dated, labeled, and sequenced correctly according to the Application Outline (located at All photographs must be in color, of good quality, and submitted in PDF format. Photographs which do not meet these requirements or where objects are not clearly identifiable will not be acceptable rendering the application incomplete. All radiographs, whether digital or scanned analog, must be submitted in PDF format. All radiographs and photographs must be individually dated with the date of exposure. It is preferred that dates are electronically stamped, rather than hand written or typed. Please note that for applications received on or after January 1, 2020, only electronic date stamps will be accepted, with the exception of analog radiographs which may continue to include a handwritten or typed date. Only the documentation identified in these guidelines should be included with the application. Additional materials, such as additional photographs, radiographs, patient questionnaires, and physician prescriptions, are unnecessary unless specifically requested by the Board of Directors.

Case documentation must be submitted in a digital format on a USB flash drive mailed to the ABDSM via traceable carrier (i.e. FedEx, UPS, etc.) to insure against loss. Do not send case documentation by email or any other remote file transfer method. Mail flash drives to:
1001 Warrenville Road, Suite 175
Lisle, IL 60532

III. Policies


Not Achieving a Passing Exam Score
Applicants who did not achieve a passing score on their first attempt may reapply for the next annual exam by submitting the following by the application deadline.
• Application (found at
• Payment of application fee ($995)

Reapplicants must also submit a copy of their current dental license if it has since expired.

Those looking to reapply for a later exam (more than one year following a failed exam) or who do not achieve a passing score after a second attempt require a completely new application, prerequisites, and all other requirements in place at the time of the new application.

Old application materials are not kept on file at the ABDSM office. Do not call the office to inquire about applications submitted the previous year.

Failure to Meet Case Submission Deadline
Applicants who achieved a passing score on the exam but did not meet the deadline for case submission, including any granted extensions, may reapply within three years of when the original application was submitted. They may reapply by submitting the following by the application deadline.
• Application (found at
• Payment of reapplication fee ($995)

Reapplicants must also submit the following by April 5, 2019.
• A copy of their current dental license if it has since expired
• Documentation to verify they have earned at least twenty-five (25) new CE credits (i.e. credits not used with the previous application) within the previous two (2) years. All continuing education credits must meet board requirements as previously described.

Reapplicants who achieved a passing score on the exam but did not meet the deadline for case submission do not need to retake the exam. Cases that were accepted by the Board Reviewer during the initial application cycle can be reused. Reapplicants will have until April 30, 2020 to submit complete oral appliance therapy cases. Please note that reapplication on this basis will only be accepted one time. If all completed and accepted cases are not received within the designated time period, a completely new application including prerequisites, exam, cases and all other requirements will be necessary to become certified.

Applicants with Disabilities
The ABDSM recognizes that individuals with disabilities may wish to take the examination and will make reasonable accommodations for applicants with verified disabilities. The ABDSM supports the intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Applicants are reminded, however, that auxiliary aids (and services) can only be offered if they do not fundamentally alter the measurement of skills or knowledge the examination is intended to test (Americans with Disabilities Act, Public Law 101-336). Applicants who request accommodations due to a disability must advise the ABDSM in writing no later than January 1, 2019. The applicant may be asked to submit appropriate documentation of the disability and a description of previous accommodations provided during other examinations. If the ABDSM deems it necessary, an independent medical assessment may be requested at the expense of the ABDSM.